Maungakiekie/One Tree Hill Volcano

The summit of Maungakiekie built of scoria that was blown to one side during last phases of fountain
Maungakiekie is the second largest volcano in the Auckland Volcanic Field with 53 small volcanoes, all of which erupted in the last 200,000 years.
Column of basalt lava from a lava flow - the rongo stone of pre-European Maori gardens.
Maungakiekie is the second largest volcano in the Auckland Volcanic Field. It is a "fried egg" volcano composed of a central (yolk) scoria cone surrounded by a large lava flow field (white of egg). The early lava flows were hot and fluid and spread out over a large area of the Auckland Isthmus as far as Newmarket, Ellerslie Racecourse and the Onehunga foreshore. The lava flows of One Tree Hill Volcano underlie all or part of the following suburbs: Newmarket, Epsom, One Tree Hill, Royal Oak, Onehunga, Greenland, Oranga, Penrose, Ellerslie and Remuera. The later (youngest) flows were cool and viscous and exuded out from part way up the scoria cone slopes and flowed no more than 100 m from the cone with steep lava flow fronts. The central scoria cone complex has three craters from which fire-fountaining eruptions occurred to produce the scoria cones.
Two of the craters have only three sides and have been breached by lava flows which flowed outwards and rafted away some of the scoria ramparts.
There are spectacular views of the Auckland Volcanic Field from the summit.
Cornwall Park.
Where is the highest point on the volcano? What is the highest point made of? - look in the cuttings in the roadway up to the summit. Why do you think there is only one high point on the crest of the main crater?
How many other Auckland volcanoes can you see from the summit and can you name them?
The slopes of the scoria cones were originally smooth - why do you think they are now extensively terraced?
Visit the visitor centre at Cornwall Park's Huia Lodge where there are displays and a video about the volcano.

Road access to One Tree Hill Domain and Cornwall park from Manukau Rd, Greenlane Rd West and Campbell Rd. Walkway access from the ends of a number of smaller suburban streets that lead up to the park boundary.

Beware of cars that currently share the roadway up to the summit.

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Accessibility: WHEELCHAIR

The best way to appreciate the volcano is to walk right around its base on the sealed footpath and walk up to the summit on the sealed roadway..

Geological Age
Erupted approximately 67,000 years ago, as determined by the position of its volcanic ash in lake floor sedimentary sequence in Orakei Basin core.
Zealandia Evolution Sequence
Pākihi Supergoup: 5 million years ago – present
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